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About Us

Bozzay és Társa Law Office is a Hungarian Law Office that provides a full set of services for both domestic and international clients. Our office provides a wide range of services for both private and public sector clients.

We have established strategic relationships with other legal experts and consultants in order to provide competitive services in the constantly changing business environment.

With the help of our international partners we are able to provide cross-border services in both Europe and North America.

Our Goals

Each member of our team fells that it is his/her personal responsibility to satisfy and understand our client’s needs thoroughly. We put extra effort into providing the highest quality services possible. We tailor our services to the individual needs of our customers.

Our goal is to provide an effective, creative and practical solution to our client’s problems. During transactional support we aim to simplify and finish the deal rather than overcomplicate it.

Even though our the center of our operations is Hungary we closely follow the changes in both EU and Internation law and analyze its effects on our clients. Although we are a small firm we keep ourselves to our core slogan of “act locally, think globally”.

We are committed to these achieving and maintaining these values.